Simple one-click real-time live video engagement platform like no other

Increase online Conversion rates

From your website to Email campaigns and Social media posts and more –
Give your customers a direct and live platform to connect with your team from a simple click of a button.

Shorten the sales cycle

Minimise the amount of back and forth in the sales cycle. Turning web visitors into really enquiries quicker than ever before.

If an image speaks a thousand words… then Vidrap speaks a thousand images

Features That Matter

Just a few reasons you will love it

Live browser-based video calls

No downloads or wait times are needed for your customers, just one click and in seconds they are talking to you and your building rapport in an instant.

Customer Branding

Branding is your identity, its what your customers trust. All your pages and portals are branded as you.

Point of Sale Marketing

We give you multiple ways to help your customers and prospective customers see what you have to offer. From pre call video marketing to post call banner ads.

Screen Sharing

Show your customers important details or finance options with a click of a button with our in-call screen sharing.

Multisite and Multi-user Call Routing

All calls are neatly routed to the specific sites and users you want to handle the enquires. Each route has its own dedicated path, so you know what’s been accessed and from where.

Ultimate Call to Action

No more waiting for a call or missing that email response, transform your marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rates like never before.

Feedback gathering

Want feedback on calls or how your staff performed? You can have your own feedback forms post call. Already use a feedback provider? No worries we can integrate your smart links in a matter of minutes.

We Make Your life Easier

Zero downloads and all devices/browsers

No matter the device VIDRAP will connect your customers to your team with a quick click.
VIDRAP works by utilising your customer’s browser on their device, to quickly connect them to your teams face to face.

We support all browsers and devices (camera and microphone on device required) with a Zero download experience for your customers. Bring you to them in a matter of seconds.

We give you the opportunity to use an ever-growing feature-packed platform to fulfil the full potential of your digital marketing platforms and campaigns.

VIDRAP works with multiple partners from web designers, social media/email marketing companies and Manufacturers to enhance their clients and members campaigns and routes to market.

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