Here at VIDRAP we have taken our two passions and put them together to form what we class as, well… cutting edge feature products.

VIDRAP came about like me trying to follow a recipe:-

First, prepare your work surface and make sure you have all the ingredients…

Now throw it all in the bowl and get mixing, (If it doesn’t start sticking try adding a mentor to help things come together).

Once prepared put your creation out on the work surface (Additional ingredients may need to be added as the recipe is ever-changing)

Once all the ingredients have been needed to make a solid product add an accountant (this may add a bad taste at the start but you will see how everything comes together).


10 tonne of passion

7 tonne of a love for technology

7 tonne of the belief to make things better

Over 20 combined years of experience (this helps with the flavouring)

10 years of learning from some of the best bosses I have ever had

A lifetime of wanting to do something cutting edge and different

Unlimited amount of hope, trust and confidence

And a hint of Yorkshire humour (it’s an acquired taste)

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