What does it cost?

Here at VIDRAP we believe in results, and you should only have to pay for results.

Some months are good, some months are slow and no one likes monthly retainers, which is why we offer a per call structure.

Technical support
Initial setup and branding
New user setup and user removal
Usage reports
VIDRAP Training

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Vidrap Live

£5 per lead
  • Branded Platform
  • No Downloads Required
  • One-click Calling
  • Unlimited Call (hunt) Groups
  • Video Call Recording
  • Integrated Video Marketing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • No initial setup costs

(VIDRAP offers its customers devices they can use. The devices come branded and pre-installed with our platform so you can get up and running quicker than ever before. There are no upfront charges for the devices but there is a small per device insurance fee which is paid monthly. If you decide at any point to stop using VIDRAP please send the devices back to us within 14 days or you could be charged for the device)

(Bespoke features and development work is available and chargeable on a per-project basis).

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